個人様向け 肌と皮膚生理学のカルチャーコース
Course to learn the ” mechanism of the skin ” and ” effective beauty regimen theory “
個人様向け ビューティーエイジング美容法実践コース
Course to learn the ” MilleBeaute Beauty skin method of “
個人様向け ベースメークテクニック実践コース
Course to learn sprinkled with practice the ideal of the base make- making
企業様向け 教育講座美容トレンド講演 他
Cosmetics company , Beauty affiliated companies , seminars for cosmetics seller


One-on-one lessons a beauty regimen to suit your skin
Help shopping while elicit the required information          


Beauty is Culture
Lab that focuses on skin

Skin and mind ( brain ) is connected . In a wonderful degree represents the state of the ” heart “, ” skin ” is made of, for example, to the melancholy and it is one pimple , will affect up to have of such a mind . Is a lab that focuses on “skin ” in the first place to make such a skin .

Lab to face with myself

To understand the ” workings of the skin” , to know the state of his own heart . Day-to-day skin care and maintenance to face with yourself . ” Beautiful skin “, ” healthy skin “, ” youthful skin ” to inform you that come true in the day-to-day of a slight effort .

Lab to offer a good quality information

MilleBeaute is , will continue to offer good information related to quality in the beauty of the regarded as one of the Culture “beauty” and ” beauty ” .
Owner confidence also participate in constantly various research meetings and seminars for new information collection .

It has been chosen for this kind of person

  • I want to be a beautiful skin healthy
  • I want to be able to know that the skin can cosmetics to choose
  • I want to know how to identify their own skin type
  • I want to know how to solve the problem of skin
  • As introduction of those who want to be like the bloggers and writers
  • ミルボーテ / Lecturer
    Beauty Aging analysts Chikako Matsumoto

    ミルボーテ講師 ビューティーエイジング アナリスト 松本千加子
    I retired in 2016 with maturity ending joined Shiseido Co., Ltd. .
    Planning and development produced a large number of mega- brand , transferred to the Shiseido Research Institute after a marketing .
    Performed well as the development of beauty regimen as 8 years scientist at the Institute , he was mainly involved in the development of skin care as a brand formulation development manager .
    Thanks to you , in the Shiseido Co., Ltd. , we have piled up a career of 40 years , such as the development and marketing of the product .
    In MilleBeaute , taking advantage of the career up to this , we would like to deepen the activities at the center of the beauty of the support that stand in your role of those who aim to beautiful young women .