Personal Own Beauty Seminars

Do you want to be what kind of skin ?
Do not you think with us the beautiful skin development and future of the skin making at the seminar ?
Please join us who are interested or interested in beauty .
No matter how expensive and highly functional cosmetics , in the appropriate use is a question whether the effect is really be exhibited .
That know how to use and master tips and reasons that draw more effectively , leading to a manicured maintaining a refreshing skin beautiful skin and future of youthful skin .

個人様向け 肌と皮膚生理学のカルチャーコース
Course to learn the ” mechanism of the skin ” and ” effective beauty regimen theory “

It is to put in the hands of the ” beautiful skin ” First know the ” knowledge of the skin” !
“Skin of mechanisms ” and ” effective beauty regimen theory ” to know the ” clean -aging ” !
What are you , your basic cosmetics For what purpose to use? But I think that there is a ” beautiful want to be a skin ” and “I want to solve the problem ,” ” want to be youthful skin ,” ” do not want to aging ,” such as people each purpose , do you grant ? Is there any hesitation in the cosmetics ? Its cosmetics Do you not match the skin ? Do you mastering enough to convince ? Are you wearing the correct beauty information ? …
個人様向け ビューティーエイジング美容法実践コース
Course to learn the ” MilleBeaute Beauty skin method of “

Up the skin vitality with the aim of ” beautiful aging skin .”
” Beauty aging beauty regimen practice course of the skin ” is , in terms of found your own skin physiology to understand skin type and skin condition , and use of order to bring out the maximum of the action of basic cosmetics , skin physiology is active introducing the ” original beauty regimen that can be easily ” in order to make the skin condition and lively on .
個人様向け ベースメークテクニック実践コース
Course to learn sprinkled with practice the ideal of the base make- making

Based make- making of ideal from knowing the condition of the skin
It sounds like ” thick coating of the foundation I want to hide the stain is hate ,” ” and paint the foundation noticeable wrinkles and regulatory lines ” are often those who are trouble to make the way of the base to show the color and the skin of the skin to clean , such as .
In MilleBeaute , also will offer content to introduce the base development point of such skin .
By mastering the tricks and tools of a little bit of technique , it finishes a beautiful base of the skin that unlike until now .