Personal Own Beauty Seminars
Skin and skin physiology of Culture Course (required time of 120 minutes)

To get the “beautiful skin” First know the “knowledge of the skin”!

“Skin of mechanisms” and “effective beauty regimen theory” to know the “clean-aging” the!

個人様向け 肌と皮膚生理学のカルチャーコース
What are you, your basic cosmetics For what purpose to use? But I think that there is a “beautiful want to be a skin” and “I want to solve the problem,” “want to be youthful skin,” “do not want to aging,” such as people each purpose, do you grant? Is there any hesitation in the cosmetics? Its cosmetics Do you not match the skin? Do you mastering enough to convince? Are you wearing the correct beauty information?
This information only about the beauty are many, now faster PC than the beauty magazine will come of course also in the Smartphone “search” Then information is immediately jumped in.
Or “thing became convenient!” And with that of such soon what the information is correct, which I thought, seemingly that suits them, without tired, even middle. Judgment, ultimately myself as was eventually useful beauty information beauty information without the thought you might be the only too passes through the inside of the head be incorporated into?
However, I will also of course the correct information when viewed with “search” and beauty information, there are many also misleading information is in, let alone immediate effect because the features of the cosmetics is not a medicine, as if all of those often also feel that it to work such that it is and shame are written.

Correct beauty theory suppresses the aging of the skin

People who know the correct beauty theory take is a difference in the skin after 10 years

Well, I think also said that “I want to erase the stain of the skin,” “I want to somehow this wrinkle,” “want to stop the aging of the skin” is a woman’s emotions. This I also was recruited cosmetics company entered was for the making of face aside (laughs) “beautiful and there should also clean forever,” said Naru off I think, because I be honest I thought about to enter the cosmetics company.
It entered in so doing cosmetics company, for the skin of the thing and skin physiology Nitsuke to study a variety of things, also in do not have and to have the knowledge of the “beauty method”, that take is a difference in the beauty It was found.
This difference is the difference between the actual age of without themselves by the difference between the others.

Human skin and skin physiology is honest, such as individual differences are but actually a little out of the environment is a change in skin condition affects the skin physiology is of such that there relatively large. Its corresponding you do not know and that the know is there often be skin state by the corresponding timing is not going in the direction that I think of myself.

“Skin and skin physiology of Culture Course” of Mirubote is a course where I am learning as Culture (culture) for skin physiology and the appropriate aging care to make skin.

“Of the skin and skin physiology Culture Course” program

1. For the mechanism of skin

Broaden and about 1.6m² also some skin is regarded as one of the organs that have a variety of functions. Whether the skin is equipped with what kind of function? Also will tell the relationship of its features and beautiful skin.

2. What is aging and beautiful skin of the skin

Since the aging of the skin functions of the skin declines with age, but Remedy and points of in terms of life to understand the internal and external factors to accelerate it will also learn about the impact of the … ultraviolet rays.

3. How to identify skin types and skin type

Skin types and skin quality, age, season and living environment, also depends on the diet. A guide to choose the basis of product is not only this. Hari and resilient …

4. know the purpose and use of the basic cosmetics (how the evaluation of the sample)

For example, washing the face is used for the purpose of dropping the dirt, the morning will introduce how to use and how to choose to know what about you would of … basic cosmetics purpose for Although some really it is skin who do not use facial wash with warm water!

5. Really and lie of cosmetics!

Cosmetics to say even natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics, chemical cosmetics is bad for the skin …
For cosmetics, it will talk the real thing!

※ The above is essentially, it is scheduled content. If by might be a slight change occur, but please understand.

I like the following to recommend the “Culture course of skin and skin physiology.”

  • I want to be a beautiful skin healthy
  • Want to be a smart consumer knows that the skin
  • I want to be able to know that the skin can cosmetics to choose
  • I want to know the basic cosmetics he needs to know the purpose of using the cosmetics
  • I want to know how to identify their own skin type
  • I want to know how to solve the problem of skin
  • I do not want to let aging neat learn skin factors of skin aging
  • It should also have in youthful skin forever
  • I want to know how to assess the sample
  • As introduction of those who want to be like the bloggers and writers

  • This course is the audit type of seminar that does not involve the practice of small classes.

    Course, we will try a fun classroom while Incorporating well as a quiz on the theme of “easy to understand”.
    It should be noted, do not do recommend certain cosmetics manufacturer.