The person who had you take the ” skin and skin physiology Culture Course” of MilleBeaute , and objectively observe your own skin and skin condition , to predict the skin quality and the future of the skin , to know the beauty regimen to suit the skin three of the courses that you can learn the technique in one-on-one lessons toward want was available .

Or all of the course towards the ” Culture course of skin and skin physiology ” of your students already , please sign up on the check the details because it is an introduction system . □ will be held at the Ginza office .
Skin care course / program
Based development course / program
Accompany Cosmetics shopping course
Students like or introduce bidder
Skin care course / program 120 minutes

” Skin trouble is anxious ,” ” do not know the skin care to suit the skin ,” ” do not know what the effect of skin care has come out “, ” how to use do not know ” personal skin care , such as ” forever want to be youthful skin .” while solving the worries for the lesson you ‘ll remember the way of effective skin care .
Your existing skin care , you can either lessons of skin care to be available at Mirubote . (Please contact me at the time of your application )



1. Let’s stare at the skin of the current situation with the skin measurement equipment .
2. Hadanayami counseling
3. washout of skin care life
4. a beauty regimen necessary to skin the reason ( we will introduce you match what to what use or living habits )
5. Skin care lessons ( let’s remember the techniques and tricks so that you can every day every day of care method )
6. Self Special Care time

Students like or introduce bidder
Based development course / program 120 minutes

“I want to show it to clean the skin ” lessons where I am remember the techniques and tips for finishing the skin “I want nature to hide the stain ,” ” to the latest of the foundation are interested ,” ” I want to know how to base development that shiny “, etc. is.
Your existing foundation , you can your students either foundation to be available at Mirubote . (Please contact me at the time of your application )



1. Let’s look to the skin of the status quo with a skin measuring instrument .
2. counseling of skin trouble and base makeup
3. point make-up counseling
4. Introduction of items to realize the beauty you want to be
5. ( Let’s remember the techniques and tricks in the lessons that will be able to on your own ) -based development lessons * Foundation teak eyebrow
* The eyes make and mouth make is optional .

Students like or introduce bidder
Accompany cosmetics shopping 120 minutes



1. counseling about the item and your skin and your desire to want to be purchased
2. we will ask the manufacturers and our desire to want to be purchased , but will introduce manufacturers and items if necessary .
3. A confirmation of your current cosmetics and your existing cosmetics
4. accompany shops and Day Part counter , help the shopping while elicit the required information .