I, on the occasion to take a “beauty-aging beauty regimen practice course” or “base make technique practice course,” “personal beauty consultation”, the following contents on understanding and prior confirmation, will participate on the agreement.

[Contents of the first term seminar]

 In “Beauty aging beauty regimen practice course” of Mirubote, while use in skin cosmetics Mirubote to specify directly, you will learn the correct beauty regimen.
In addition, base makeup techniques practice course, “But, we will learn the effective base building while using the skin cosmetics Mirubote to specify directly.
In the “personal beauty consultation”, you will learn the beauty regimen to use in skin cosmetics Mirubote is specified by the request directly.

[Second term disclaimer]

 1 for the following matters, shall must announce in advance, for the posterior troubles caused by the negligence it shall be exempt at all.
① declaration of the person that you can use only certain cosmetics sensitive skin
② declaration of the person who causes the skin trouble at a specific raw material
③ declaration in the case of skin trouble occurs within 2 weeks prior to participation seminar
Health declaration of the failure of the previous two to three days, including ④ seminar day
Declaration of severe sunburn skin state by ⑤ ultraviolet
⑥ declaration of the person prone to skin problems, such as when using the new cosmetics rash
⑦ face of cosmetic surgery, in medical treatment such as after cosmetic medicine, declared doctor of permit is not in such as in skin problems treatment
If there are two places that are relevant to the above items can not be booking the seminar.
It should be noted that the above-mentioned person of ①②⑥ is received your report, please contact us so you can seminar attendance of bring your own your favorite cosmetics.
3 your students of minor bidder of the seminar, you will be asked to present identification.

[Third term seminars, courses, correspondence after lessons]

1 seminars, courses, if the skin trouble occurs immediately after the lesson, will guide you to promptly affiliated medical institutions. Seminars, courses, skin trouble in the case of 6 hours of lessons has elapsed corresponding I can not do.
For 2 following contents, and shall receive a medical examination at a medical institution by your own judgment.
2-1. If the non-compliance and false-inaccuracy of prior confirmation has presence
2-2. Failure to temporarily treatment that usually tell in advance becomes a skin trouble that may occur
2-3. If you did not receive medical care in the tie-up medical institutions
2-4. Your reason, if the skin trouble occurs due to deliberate
that’s all