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Cosmetics company , Beauty affiliated companies , offers a variety of seminars for professional , such as cosmetics seller
Beauty relationship program
Beauty, Cosmetics marketing program
Cosmetics stores leader training program

Beauty relationship program

We offer you assembly according to the request of the education program from the basic knowledge of skin science to advanced knowledge such as the theory of the base building to enhance the understanding of the skin of counseling and products .

1. knowledge of the skin
2. skin type and Hadanayami
3. factors of skin aging
4. inside and outside of the environment and the skin
5. Season the skin
6. ultraviolet and Hadanayami
7. skin color and foundation
8. skin trouble and skin development point of
9. face type and make-up theory
10. beauty regimen and its theory
Way of 11. Beauty counseling
12. regulations of cosmetics and advertising appeal
Way of the development of 13. sell sale talk
企業様向けセミナー・イベント 美容関係プログラム

Beauty, Cosmetics marketing program

Japan cosmetics powerhouse ! Major cosmetics company is different to well individuals make cosmetics .
These realities are what Monoka , to the marketing of research material to know their trends and realities !

1. Beauty trend ( cosmetics )
2. Beauty trend ( beauty foods and functional food )
3. Organic Cosmetics The
4. Natural Cosmetics and is
5. consumers demand cosmetics
6. cosmetics planning and ideas idea
7. sell the idea of ​​cosmetic development
企業様向けセミナー・イベント 美容・コスメマーケティングプログラム

Please consult the contents of the other cosmetics planning and marketing -related .

Cosmetics stores leader training program

Beauty staff ‘s to sell cosmetics , offers store concierge , a program to train the leaders of stores selling cosmetics , such as sales staff please .

1. leader of the role and leadership
2. the expected thing in cosmetics shops and corner
3. manners and making rules as a leader
4. How to make a member training and development program
5. held the significance of the team meeting
About 6. Coaching
7. In order to get activities and lively to members
企業様向けセミナー・イベント 化粧品店舗リーダー養成プログラム

Other , please contact us to be involved in human resource development .