1. take advantage of all of the articles and the published photograph has been described within this site, illustrations, video, and voice, will be prohibited to reprint.
2. Text, etc. to give you in the course, we will ban brought out, a reprint of the external per internal documents of Mirubote.
3. Such as Professor the contents of after your course in the other, your students to take advantage of this course in other, please refrain.

For your reservation at the seminar

After sign up, reserve a room at the seminars and courses after the payment to the following bank of Mirubote specification is confirmed will be met.

Mizuho Bank Ginza branch (usually) 1815051 account holder Chikako Matsumoto

cancellation policy

Cancellation by the customer convenience of up to held will be as follows.
① cancellation held seven days before (counted as one day the day before the seminar) will be a full refund.
② cancellation of up to held six days before to 4 days before will refund 80% of the transfer tuition.
③ cancellation of up to held three days ago after the previous day will refund 50% of the course fee transfer money.
④ held on the day of cancellation, also Mirubote we will be charged 100% as also cancellation fee on the day of absence. Please note that there is no refund.

If you wish to transfer

• For the same month in regard to the same courses, held four days ago (counted as one day the day before the seminar) it will be considered as valid the transfer to once If you contact us before.
In addition, your transfer is valid up to 1 times, cancellation of the times Please note we can not accept.

privacy policy

In MilleBeaute, MilleBeaute website (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”.) To the extent necessary to the smooth operation of the service to be provided (Contents and various opinions and impressions, etc.) in, of everyone to be using this site privacy we will continue to protect with performing a sufficient communion in respect to personal information. In addition, the information collected is done the proper management.

1. This site, MilleBeaute seminars provided for each content to be organized, will not be used for other offer of information about your question
2. events and campaign Mirubote sponsored, contact us by a variety of communication means for the service to offer on this site, we will use when you send your assistance.

– This site, as long as there is no legitimate reason for the personal information of customers, disclosed to third parties, do not do is provide.

– This site, has taken all possible measures to security in order to ensure the safety of personal information.

· Mirubote is, Japan’s laws and regulations that apply to personal information held, as well as comply with other standards, review the contents of this policy as appropriate, will work to its improvement.

Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

Telephone 03-6869-2795
Mirubote presided over Chikako Matsumoto
July 20, 2016 enacted